Q: Can I tour the lab?

A: No, we are constantly working on proprietary or sensitive projects. We do not allow unscheduled visitors on our premises.

Q: Can I meet with any of the team?

A: We do not take meetings with non-clients or non-colleagues. If you require a meeting, please submit a request via the contact form. Our team is consumed by fast-paced proprietary projects aimed towards a greater future. You may find our work released through peer-reviewed papers, journals, conference presentations, books, and other media as discoveries emerge. Please do not take it personally if we are unable to accommodate your request.

Q: Investment?

A: EarthTech is currently seeking large-scale investment to pursue breakthrough technology with an eye towards commercialization. If interested, please contact us through the online contact form.

Q: If I have a breakthrough idea (pertaining to subject matter found in About Us) that I think EarthTech International Inc. would be interested in, how can I make contact?

A: We ask that you submit your inquiry with a brief proposal or statement letter and résumé through our online contact form. A team member will respond.

Q: What if my idea or experiment is sensitive?

A: We routinely handle highly-sensitive experiments and have a Non-Disclosure Agreement available upon request if we deem a proposal of interest.

Q: Is EarthTech International Hiring?

A: EarthTech International Inc. is currently not seeking qualified candidates.