Maverick Inventors Program

EarthTech International Inc. offers a unique opportunity tailored towards inventors and forward-thinkers alike: The Maverick Inventor Program. We invite inventors to contact us with new ideas that might be of interest to our institute. No idea is too small, no conceptual framework is too large. This program is based on the premise that a great breakthrough in the energy and propulsion field might not come from a well-funded Tier-1 organization, but rather, from a Maverick Inventor who stumbles on a heretofore, undiscovered novel approach.

  • As a respected, established, and published research lab, EarthTech Int’l brings numerous and significant assets to the table. If a technology or idea looks promising and we are able –in our labs and under our strict laboratory conditions, to verify or validate its principles or use, EarthTech Int’l would consider assisting in the development under a mutually-beneficial prototype-to-market program.
  • Device concepts examined to date in the Maverick Inventor Program range from new approaches to fuel cells, through novel approaches in the cold fusion arena, to claims for highly-efficient space drives.

If you are a Maverick Inventor interested in pursuing a proof-of-principle study under our stringent laboratory conditions and our sophisticated measurement modalities, we ask that you submit a brief statement letter and your background through our online contact form. The appropriate principal investigator will respond. Please understand we may not be available to assist in your endeavor and that we reserve the right to decline participation with no explanation.